Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Asian Sensational Basket Ball Star!

      If you havent heard of him yet then you probably should remain in that hole you've tied up in for the last 2 weeks. His is -23-year old New York Knicks point guard, who went from bench-warmer to basketball sensation within the last few games
       Previously released by Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets, Lin had been placed on the lowly developmental league by the Knicks just a few weeks before.
       Within the last four games, Lin scored a total of 109 points, leading victories over the Utah Jazz, the Washington Wizards, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Minnesota Timber wolves.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Giants win Superbowl!!

The New York Giants battled back to beat the New England Patriots 21-17 and win the Super Bowl with heart-stopping fourth quarter comeback capped by a six-yard touchdown run by Ahmad Bradshaw with 57 seconds left.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Derrick Rose vs LeBum Junk

MIAMI — Derrick Rose doesn't just levitate to breathtaking results. He self-flagellates with the best of them as well.
Following the Bulls' 97-93 gut-wrenching loss to the Heat on Sunday at AmericanAirlines Arena, Rose, who missed a pair of free-throw attempts that could have put the Bulls ahead with 22.7 seconds left and a potentially game-tying floater with 3.7 seconds to go, put on a performances  for the ages.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

John Wall

Ok, now the NBA lockout is over.

After tense months of waiting and wondering when the NBA would come to an agreement  to please fans,players and even themselves.This fight was obviously all over money and the owners got more of it. The owners claimed they lost $300 million last season and with the new 50/50 split, they'll have a chance to make back every penny of those losses with the owners winning 3 billion over the 10 year deal. The owners also got their way on nearly every other big issue like the mid-level exception, revenue sharing, and luxury tax, but the main victory was the split of the BRI. This doesn't mean the players didn't get anything, they won on smaller issues like the minimum team salary and escrow, but as predicted here in October, the owners had all the leverage and used it to get 90% of what they wanted. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

The nba is not over

If you guys were paying attention to my last post, you noticed that i mentioned that the NBA lockout was over. It "was" over... but it seems as the players have declined the newly producded proposal  between them and the Officials. It looks like it will be a holiday season full of football.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


The lockout is over but i will still be covering NBA statistics

As of right now, with the players and owners in the depths of a now four month long lockout, the owners have the ball in their hands as they are putting all the pressure on the players.
The owners have revised their proposal and given it to the players union to mull over which, if they were to accept, would mean the NBA season would start on Dec.15 and would consist of a 72-game schedule.
I'm not going to get to excited about this yet, because if we've learned anything over the past few months, it's that no matter how much optimism there is surrounding a meeting, a proposal or a leak of information from a "source," you have to take it with a grain of salt.
The owners are low-balling the players, and quite frankly they have all the leverage, so it's not surprising. In fact, the only ones who seem surprised by the owners actions and proposals have been the NBPA and Billy Hunter.
However, looking at the proposal compared to everything else the NBA has offered, this is the best deal the players have been offered, and it seems that it's the best deal that they will be offered.
Beyond that, I don't think the players union will have the support enough to decertify. There have been a few voices that have spoken louder than others, but decertification pretty much guarantees the cancellation of the season, and I'm not sure the players are willing to go through with that.
It might not be completely their fault that talks went this badly, but if they decertify the NBA public relations machine will pile the dirt on the players as they lay in the graves that they helped dig.
Still, the most intriguing part of this whole ordeal is that D.stern has said that if the offer is accepted by the players then there will be schedule with just 10 games chopped off.
The season won't be incredibly compact, as the league will add a week to the end of the year to stretch out the season just enough so teams are playing games at just a slightly higher rate than a normal 82-game season.